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Rajendra Industrial Corporation is a worldwide known, Manufacturer, Supplier, and Stockist of Mild Steel Flanges, which are offered in a variety of sizes, measurements, and dimensions.

What is Mild Steel?
Mild steel is a ferrous metal that is composed of iron and carbon. It is a low-cost material with qualities that are appropriate for the majority of common engineering applications. Because of its high iron content, low carbon mild steel has strong magnetic characteristics and is hence classified as ' ferromagnetic.'

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MS Flange

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We manufacture these flanges in accordance with JIS, ANSI, EN, DIN, BS, and GB international standards, and we are known as one of India's largest manufacturers of ring-type forgings and non-standard flanges. We also make MS welded flanges, Low Carbon Mild Steel Slip on Flanges, and weld flanges Mild Steel IS 2062 to client specifications, as well as the MS Flange Price List India.

Mild Steel Flanges are commonly utilized to isolate or terminate pipe systems. These flanges lack a hub and resemble blank discs. They are readily removed as necessary. The MS Flange is magnetic in nature due to its enormous amounts of iron, and ferrite microstructure. This flange functions as a metal element that bolts to a vehicle's engine. While producing some of the greatest items on the market, our recognized professionals use the best raw materials and cutting-edge technology.

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MS Flanges Price in USD / Piece

Slip On Flanges 1/2" $41.92
Slip On Flanges 3/4" $41.92
Slip On Flanges 1" $41.92
Slip On Flanges 1-1/4" $41.92
Slip On Flanges 1-1/2" $41.92
Slip On Flanges 2" $58.71
Slip On Flanges 2-1/2" $66.18
Slip On Flanges 3" $72.10
Slip On Flanges 3-1/2" $104.03
Slip On Flanges 4" $104.03
Slip On Flanges 5" $180.76
Slip On Flanges 8" $308.48
Socket Weld Flanges 3/4" $41.51
Socket Weld Flanges 1" $41.51
Socket Weld Flanges 1-1/4" $41.51
Socket Weld Flanges 1-1/2" $41.51
Socket Weld Flanges 2" $45.73
Socket Weld Flanges 2-1/2" $64.63
Socket Weld Flanges 3" $61.54
Socket Weld Flanges 4" $79.82
Socket Weld Flanges 8" $182.82
Threaded Flanges 1/2" $55.10
Threaded Flanges 3/4" $55.10
Threaded Flanges 1" $55.10
Threaded Flanges 1-1/4" $55.10
Threaded Flanges 1-1/2" $55.10
Threaded Flanges 2" $64.12
Threaded Flanges 2-1/2" $89.87
Threaded Flanges 3" $95.53
Threaded Flanges 3-1/2" $138.02
Threaded Flanges 4" $138.02
Threaded Flanges 5" $208.06
Threaded Flanges 6" $258.02
Threaded Flanges 8" $475.86

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Price List of MS Flange for india

MS Type MS Flange E Table Price in India IS 2062 MS Price in Saudi Riyal MS Grade 30088 Price in UAE Dirham
Mild Steel 1-1/2" Blind flange INR 1365.20 SAR 71.79 AED 70.29
MS 1" Slip on Flange INR 1647.89 SAR 86.66 AED 84.85
IS 2062 Carbon Steel Slip-On Flange INR 5320.43 SAR 279.78 AED 273.93
IS 2062 Mild Steel01 1/2" Threaded Flange INR 2987.40 SAR 157.10 AED 153.81


Rajendra Industrial Corporation is a highly acclaimed manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Stainless Steel Flanges, Carbon Steel Flanges and Alloy Steel Flanges like Slipon Flanges, BLRF Flanges, Weldneck Flanges, Socket Weld Flanges etc.

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